The November 2, 1943 Mission to
Wiener Neustadt, Austria

The Mission

November 2, 1943. A strike force of 139 American B-17 and B-24 heavy bombers with 1,390 aviators aboard set out from six base camps in Tunisia, North Africa. Their target was the Wiener Neustaedter Flugzeugwerke, one of the largest Messerschmitt aircraft production plants of the German Reich located at Wiener Neustadt, Austria.

The November 2, 1943 mission was the fourth attempt to deliver a crushing blow to the plant and its supply of Me-109 single engine fighters to the German Luftwaffe. The plant had to be destroyed in order to weaken the German air defenses and gain air superiority over the German Luftwaffe in time for the Allied landings in Normandy on June 6, 1944.

The mission was successful, but success came at a steep price.  On this mission, 11 American planes were lost, 41 airmen were captured by the Germans and became POWs, and 68 airmen made the supreme sacrifice. 

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